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Staying positive during forced downtime as I heal

I know most people would take a day at home doing nothing but Netflix- and Hulu-binging as a gift, but now that I am going on day four of said activities, I am feeling isolated and bored. My surgery this past Thursday was phase two of my reconstructive surgery, which stemmed from my breast cancer fight. The surgery went well. Now, just feel a little lonely being stuck inside to heal.

Of course, there are so many things I could do: read; do crafts in which I do not move around much (lol); blog ... the list goes on. It just seems so easy to focus on what I cannot do when I am healing versus what I can do. I cannot do laundry, finish cleaning, or really much that involves moving around a lot. I was told to take it easy for two weeks, and that I cannot lift anything over 10 pounds or do anything strenuous for four weeks. I cannot work out, and I had been making great progress losing my chemo weight by doing just that. It is funny how this past year has been two steps forward and one step back. Just when I get back into a workout routine, I have an injury. And, then it's either back to physical therapy or just some time off. And, sitting around healing means I am not burning too many calories. But, the downtime is what my body (and perhaps mind) needs.

So, I will focus upon the positive. After a few months of lots of work on freelance projects, I have downtime. Yay! I am finally able to watch The Handmaid's Tale, which somehow I missed when everyone else was raving about it during the past two years. I can think about the future and what projects I would like to take on, creating a plan for doing so. I can step back and be appreciative for what I do have -- and my health tops that list. After a 2018 that was filled with fighting breast cancer, I survived and came out a much stronger person. So, perhaps this downtime is not so bad. Maybe what I needed was to step back and ponder that.

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