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Connecting Through Unique Experiences

Words have power. The ability to connect strangers when they share their stories of tragedy, pain, joy and triumph. The unique way to put someone at ease when they read tips another person learned when facing chemotherapy or radiation, or simply living life. When you are going through the same thing in life, you take comfort in knowing someone else is as well—or has. Through everyone has a unique story, there are similarities. I began this blog in 2018 as I faced stage three breast cancer as a way to heal through words and share information. I wanted to both express my emotions, becoming lighter, and help others with news about breast cancer research and tips for making one's way through this journey. But let's face it, this journey is never over. Even though you may fortunately be in remission, things never go back to "normal;" at least not the normal you had before cancer. There is anxiety about avoiding a recurrence and wondering how to fit back into the life you had before—if you even want to, or if you want to carve a new path. If your cancer does not go away and instead progresses or recurs, you are suddenly facing a chronic illness. Because of these myriad experiences, I expanded this blog to include authors from various walks of life at various stages of this thing called a cancer journey. I hope you enjoy the insight and information each of our writers shares.

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