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One last treat to celebrate what I gained during my breast cancer fight as I headed to surgery

Chocolate custard with espresso and dark chocolate chips was my treat to myself before I headed into surgery bright and early Thursday morning for phase two reconstructive surgery. The surgery came after months of fighting breast cancer.

Never mind the fact that I have been working on losing my chemo weight. I deserve this. While I am happy to have my phase two surgery tomorrow, it brought up unexpected emotions. I realized I was sad thinking about it. This was to be my fourth surgery in 1.5 years, and it took me back to my struggle with cancer last year and all that I faced. That was a hard year!

But, I gained so much from it. It changed me for the better. It changed how I approach life, my attitude and my beliefs. I now realize there is nothing I cannot handle. I also cherish every moment and know there is no sense wasting my time doing anything less — like avoiding the custard.

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