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Concerned about Covid-19 and cancer? These webinars aim to educate you

As the number of worldwide confirmed cases of Covid-19 increases, it is a scary time, especially for breast cancer survivors who have weakened immune systems from cancer. The reassuring thing is many health care providers have us in mind, and are offering their expertise via regular updates through nonprofit organizations. I have listed some of those organizations below and will continue to update this list, and the webinars may help you.


Sharsharet is a national nonprofit focused upon delivering support and education to Jewish women and their families where there is an increased genetic risk for breast or ovarian cancer. However, the organization's programs support all women and men.

On a weekly basis, Sharsharet offers updates from physicians about Covid-19. The April webinar with Ruth Oratz, MD, FACP, from New York University's Perlmutter Cancer Center was insightful and Oratz took viewer's questions regarding how Covid-19 will impact them.


Sharsharet's senior advisor, Shera Dubitsky, MEd., MA, also presented "COVID-19, Caregiving & Cancer: Strategies For Caregiving From A Distance And Managing Self-Care."

Gryt Health

Gryt Health, a digital health company that supports cancer survivors and caregivers, provides Authenticity: Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit, a webinar series.

I hope these webinars help you. I plan to add more when they become available. If you see one you would like to add, please let me know. These webinars are not intended to take the place of medical advice; you should seek your own health care professional for such advice.

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